Development with purpose is a joy

merrell people exists to give purpose to the changes individuals, teams/groups and organisations want to make. We are focused on development and the journey of learning. 

Effective development requires clarity of the current state and the desired state.  Gaining clarity enables us to understand what we are giving up, what we are gaining and the journey we might take along the way.

merrell people work with passion, control and focus to help make your change successful.  To create that smile and leave you feeling sure about your future.

Simon Merrell, founder and director

Films, shows, songs and books that narrate change are captivating.  Stories have the potential to create meaning in change and guide us through our own lives.

Through experience and reflection, I have learnt to instigate my own change and to help individuals, groups and organisations achieve their goals.

Organisations are constantly changing.  This places demands on leaders of change and those impacted by change. Adapting is the only way to thrive.

I am insightful, approachable and calm and described as pragmatic, understated and inventive.

A student of psychology, I have been working in learning and organisational development for 20 years. Much of my experience has been developing leadership, management and change capability.  I made the decision to work both within and consulting for a variety of organisations across the UK and Europe.  This has given me a wide range of experiences to draw on across different sectors.

  • Psychology (BSc)
  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring (ILM Level 7)
  • Leadership and Interview Architect, Korn Ferry
  • Hogan accredited
  • Emotional Intelligence (PSI)
  • MBTI accredited
  • HBDI accredited

“Simon has helped this organisation identify and develop our future leaders.  We are now in a much better place to plan our future.  It has been our challenge, one made all the more enjoyable by having Simon involved.”